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Pavle Jovovic is a visual artist – a painter. Prints, expressive drawings and large-format abstract paintings make up the biggest part of his work.

Pavle was born in Uzice, Serbia, in 1989. He graduated in painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2012. This was followed by BA and MA degrees at the ENSBA (National School of Fine Arts) in Paris in the class of Professor Philippe Cognée. He lived, painted and exhibited in: Belgrade (2008 - 2012), Paris (2012 - 2015), Tokyo (TOKAS Arts Centre, 2018) and Basel (2017 - 2019). He participated in cultural projects at the French Institute in Belgrade (2016 and 2018) and at the Goethe Institute in Belgrade (2019). As a member of the Uzice Association of Visual Artists, Pavle helped establish the Reflektor gallery in Uzice in 2017. He is currently at the doctoral studies at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts in Belgrade.