Form and Abandon (2018)


Form and Abandon is set within an other-worldly architectural complex where a group of impassive characters enact a series of enigmatic rituals. It can be seen as a universal myth stripped to its core elements as well as the psychological interplay of known archetypes.

The apathetic acting implies that the actors represent principles instead of personalities.

While the processes and symbols presented are partly rooted in the Serbian mythology and tradition, each of the personas play archetypical roles that chart universal cycles of progression, regression, fusion and rupture.

At once futuristic and archaic, the video stages fundamental interactions between visual elements to demonstrate essential principles that transcend time and space.

Form and Abandon is filmed at Kadinjača, Serbia, a monumental complex raised by the socialistic Yugoslavian government in memoriam of fallen defenders of the region from the incoming Nazi-German troops. However, this video transcends this specific narrative and refers to repetitive cycles of life which, by its nature, involve the destruction. The destruction is an evolutionary stage of existence, as viewed by the co-creators of the project Pavle and Anuk Jovović.

“Form and Abandon” is the result of young German and Serbian artists (cast and crew) working together.